Would you buy a house near a wind farm? Vote today!

A new report confirms what we all knew anecdotally, which is that house prices fall within sight of wind farms.

High Tralorg, near Girvan

High Tralorg, near Girvan

If you would like, you can download the full LSE report here: Gone with the Wind: Valuing the Visual Impacts of Wind Turbines through House Prices by Stephen Gibbons.

And so to today’s key question Would you buy a house near a wind farm? You can cast your vote at the BBC Countryfile website

2 thoughts on “Would you buy a house near a wind farm? Vote today!

  1. I don’t know want I’m going to do now. If these farms go ahead on 3 sides of. Which virtually totally surrounded me. I will never be able to sell my place, and when I die and leave it to my Sons. Again it will be worthless. then they will be left with it which they can’t sell. the best thing is to burn it to the ground and sell the land. ??? I hate Salmond for opening the flood gates for these monsters.

  2. Allow me to look at this from another perspective–if I were to buy a plot of vacant ground within the same distance of an existing Wind Farm, I guarantee I would not get planning permission to build a house on that ground.

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