Why we need funds

The developers who propose the wind farms have deep pockets, unfortunately the community does not. To fight a successful campaign the organisation will need funds which will be used for

  • Employment of professional advisers such as planning consultants, noise engineers and landscape engineers.
  • Payment for publicity materials such as posters, brochures etc.
  • Hire of hall for meetings.

And of course there will always be other costs we have not thought of! It may be a cliché but “every little helps”.

How to donate

It’s easy to donate:

Pay direct to our bank account – our preferred method (saves bank charges!)
(preferably let us know when you donate – see below for how to contact us)
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Let us know if you are donating

If you are donating now, or plan to donate later please let us know that the money is coming by using the contact form below or by emailing It will also allow us to thank you.