Other campaigns in Scotland

Dumfries & Galloway. TW312 is a group of local residents concerned about the proliferation of planning applications for wind factories across the Stewartry area of Dumfries and Galloway. Our main area of concern is largely covered by the OS Explorer map 312.
Although we do not oppose the thoughtful and aesthetic development of renewable energy sources, we are worried that current wind factory development is proceeding without due regard to local democracy, the voices of residents who will be affected and the despoiling of a beautiful and valuable landscape. This website and its contents has been established to provide concerned people with up-to-date information about wind turbine proposals and their possible consequences.

Shetland. Approved by the Scottish Parliament. Now going to Judicial Review:

East Lothian. Successfully combatted a number of windfarms.

Windfarm proposed for the Kilpatrick Hills to the south of Loch Lomond.www.stoplochlomondwindturbines.com/index.html

Scotland against spin – a new national campaign group

Lots of articles and links – concentrating on Northeast England and Southeast Scotland:

“Country Guardian has for many years taken on the role of spreading the facts about wind energy and giving the potential victims the evidence to fight.”

Country Guardian’s list of UK windfarm action groups: currently standing at 322:http://www.countryguardian.net/WAG%20list.htm


The National Trust (for England, alas, but still of interest) “has set out its battle plan for rural “warfare” with a list of 25 wind farm projects it is challenging.” according to an article in the Daily Telegraph: read more here – www.telegraph.co.uk

“The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of Wind Turbines visible on the skylines throughout the United Kingdom. Debates about their efficiency or funding tend to evoke strong emotions in both propoents and opponents but finding hard facts isn’t straightforward. The schemes introduced by the UK government add a layer of opaqueness that is used by both sides of the argument for their own purposes. This site is an attempt to allow the data to be free to tell it’s story without additional commentary.”

Gask and Strathearn Protection Society

Endrick Valley Action Group
Banks Renewables is proposing to build a windfarm North East of Drymen, adjacent to the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park. The proposal is for 10 turbines each with a height to blade tip of 115m (377ft).

Civil servants ‘in bid to gag anti-wind farm protesters’ (Tuesday 12 March 2013)

A COMMUNITY councillor who took the UK Government to the United Nations over the building of wind farms has accused civil servants of attempting to gag campaigners. Christine Metcalfe, 69, went to the UN on behalf of Avich-Kilchrenan Community Council in Argyll, after failing with a complaint to the Scottish Government about the building of the Carraig Gheal wind farm near her home in Taynuilt – an area of great beauty and a nesting site for golden eagles.  see the full story in the Herald Online

Say No to Airriequhillart Wind Farm – in the Machars, at Barrachan, near Port William: www.airriequhillartwindfarmprotest.com

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