Linfairn update: new public exhibitions in July

Suitable for 19 turbines? Ayrshire people don't think so.

Suitable for 19 giant turbines?   Ayrshire people don’t think so.

WilloWind, the developers behind the proposed Linfairn wind farm, plan to drop the six turbines nearest to Straiton (the northern half of their original proposal). However they are still keen on the idea of up to 19 turbines in the southern section – lining one side of the Girvan valley south of Straiton.

There will be a series of public exhibitions regarding the revised plans for Linfairn:

  • Wednesday 9th July at the McCandlish Hall, Straiton: 2pm to 7.30pm
  • Thursday 10th July at Maybole Town Hall: 2pm to 7.30pm
  • Friday 11th July at Dailly Community Centre: 2pm to 7.30pm

Proposing up to 19 turbines (each 2.5 Mw) suggests that the maximum output of the new proposed farm is likely to be below the threshold of a Section 36 application: we would urge that the application be withdrawn from consideration as a Section 36 application and resubmitted to South Ayrshire Council in the normal way.

Bill Steven, chair of Save Straiton for Scotland had the following to say today:

“It is extremely disappointing and worrying that a so-called professional wind farm developer would insist on trying to convince a community for over a year and a half that Linfairn was one wind farm when it was obvious to every other professional body that it was clearly two separate wind farms, and this was a crude attempt to create a section 36 application.

Dropping the Dyke / Knockgardner leg with six turbines obviously had to happen: as Scottish Natural Heritage objected to that part of the proposal within weeks of the application being lodged. The remaining nineteen turbines flaunt South Ayrshire Council guidelines with regards to position, size and scale: and Scottish Natural Heritage make it clear they recommend WilloWind follow SAC guidelines. Doing so would dramatically alter the picture: indeed it would put in question all the remaining nineteen turbines, yet WilloWind continue to ignore SAC guidelines and SNH advice.
Most worrying of all is the fact WilloWind totally ignore local feeling and the people of Ayrshire. Almost 6,000 people objected to Linfairn Wind Farm … the biggest single objection to any wind farm in Scotland … yet WilloWind make no comment and say they are listening. Linfairn Wind Farm remains a totally inappropriate application and Save Straiton for Scotland will continue to object until common sense prevails. The Scottish Government make it plain … it has to be the right application in the right place … and Linfairn is the wrong application in the wrong place.
Mr Atwal, please be in no doubt: your application in Straiton is neither welcome nor is it appropriate, and offers of money are nothing more than a bribe. We would ask you to truly listen to the people of Straiton and Ayrshire and withdraw this application as soon as possible. We look forward to the public meetings in July.”
So please come to the public exhibitions and make your feelings known there! If you are particularly adversely affected by the proposals, you could ask for a meeting with Mr Suki Atwal, the new director of WilloWind Energy Ltd. He asks for people to contact him through his colleague Clarke Heron of Invicta Public Affairs on 0141 212 7222 or Click here for the full text of WilloWind’s letter to Linfairn stakeholders.


2 thoughts on “Linfairn update: new public exhibitions in July

  1. Have just come home at 11pm from a hard day at the office to this email !
    I am really surprised and annoyed at the cheek and total disregard for the the opinion of the majority of people in Straiton and indeed Ayrshire, shown by this bunch of arrogant cowboys, Willowind, who seem intent on upsetting myself and my family and causing nothing but worry, upset and anger in affected homes and the village as a whole, in their subsidy driven quest to make money from the scam of the century.
    What a nerve these people have showing their faces in the village again.
    And this on top of the Hadyard Hill extension proposal coming from the other direction.
    I sincerely hope that the government and the local council see sense and listen to overwhelming public opinion throughout Scotland and prevent these inefficient monstrosities from ruining this beautiful part of Scotland and the harmony and sense of community we all moved to Straiton, a conservation village(?) to be a part of.

  2. Why do you think that Willowind are having meetings in Dailly and Maybole? Certainly a ploy for support for their factory.
    We have already contacted Maybole Community Council to support the community of Straiton instead of looking at the filthy lucre which would come their way. We know that any money is only a filthy bribe.
    We are the folk who will most definitely lose out on our quality of life so we need to make the same effort that we made when this was first subjected for application.
    Come on the folk of Straiton and all who love and appreciate our surroundings. We do not want to lose our beautiful, stunning environment, so come out and tell Willowind where to go!
    Make sure that you are at the meeting at Straiton on the 9th July! And at Dailly on the 10th and Maybole on the 11th. Let them know what we say to them and their proposals! If anyone wants a lift to any of the meetings, let us know.
    Entirely agree with what Colin has said previously.
    Glen and Jeanette

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