Windfarms can have big impacts on communities. Not all of those impacts are considered by the planning authorities. Noise, house-prices, health issues, and so forth, are not considered relevant under existing planning law. However, they can be discussed! – and may become relevant in the future. Developers need to consider certain aspects such as noise, and may be involved in litigation in the future if they do not. Click below for more information. Please let us have links to articles which you think are relevant, or give us your comments or insights.

Noise & Health
House Prices

A compilation: Youtube video by TheLochgelly which shows graphically some of the problems wind turbines cause – shadow flicker, bird strikes, health and safety issues. Stick with it – there is a long introduction. Thanks to Robert and Wendy Anderson for finding it.

1 thought on “Impact

  1. That is a very disturbing video highlighting some of the issues with wind turbines. I still can`t believe that they are allowed at at all!!! Health and safety issues are numerous!!! Well done Robert and Wendy for finding this…

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