Hadyard Hill Extension and Exhibitions

As if recent proposals near Loch Doon weren’t bad enough we regret to note that SSE are hoping to extend their wind farm at Hadyard Hill, near Barr by a whopping 51 turbines with a height of 126.5m. These would join the existing 52 turbines making a total of 103 turbines in yet another particularly scenic part of South West Scotland.

They are holding two exhibitions; the first is on Tuesday 29th April, 3pm – 8pm in the Community Centre, Dailly, the second is on Wednesday 30th April, 3pm – 8pm in Barr Community Hall. If you can manage to go along and let SSE know how you feel about their plans to extend the wind farm then please do so.

The extension would be north eastwards, towards Crosshill and Straiton and crosses over the minor road between Straiton/Crosshill and Barr. Click on the maps to see a larger version with more detail.

Microsoft Word - UK1219606_ScopingReport_4.docx

Proposed Site Boundary

Microsoft Word - UK1219606_ScopingReport_4.docx

Proposed Turbine Locations

To read the Scoping Report (5.3mb) click here.

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