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Save Straiton for Scotland is a campaign group set up in response to an unprecedented five windfarm applications around the conservation village of Straiton in South Ayrshire. Straiton is where the campaign started, logo-visit-3because the proposals would mean the village would be all but surrounded by over 100 giant turbines, but it has spread much more widely, to nearby communities which would also suffer – Kirkmichael, Crosshill, Patna and Dalmellington. The campaign group has overwhelming support in the community of Straiton, in the other communities, and in the wider area of this lovely gateway to the Galloway Hills. The campaign group is run by a committee elected at a village meeting in Straiton in February 2013. You can find details of the committee on the Contact page of this site.

You will find many different views on the question of wind power amongst the supporters of this campaign. There are many arguments to be had both for and against, but we are all united in our conviction that the siting of so many giant wind farms in such beautiful countryside, with such rich and varied wildlife, and with such a history of encouraging visitors in order to enjoy actively our beautiful countryside has to be wrong, and that our children and many future generations would lose a priceless heritage if it were permitted to go ahead.

Please consider donating, send us a message of support, or find out more about how you can help: all the links are there in the black bar at the top of this page.


1 thought on “About Us

  1. Straiton is an unique village in a conservation area where putting in a dormer window on a house is not permitted because it would destroy its aspect. in spite of this it is suggested that wind farms would be an asset. The proposed wind farm would be a blight on this outstandingly beautiful area and an expensive producer of electricity. Planning permission should not be allowed.

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