Keirs Hill exhibition

Keirs Hill exhibition

The exhibition was well attended with 72 signing in. The busiest section was the table with the projector and screen showing a 3D view of the turbines from any location in Straiton and surrounding area. Many people were surprised at just how visible this proposed development would be from Straiton. The turbines are clearly visible from the school, many homes around the village and from most houses on the north side of Main Street, particularly from upstairs windows. This is mainly due to the size of the proposed turbines; at a whopping 149m high the are amongst the highest on-shore turbines in the UK. One of the turbines is located a mere 300m from the road between Dalmellington and Straiton, the B741 which is used by many visitors travelling up from the south.
Unfortunately their website does not have any details of Keirs Hill yet although on the Planning page (Sclenteuch/Keirs Hill) section there is a map of the location and position of the turbines provided by RES. The map above is the same except it shows the access road.

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