New 3D model of all turbines

New 3D model of all turbines

One of Straiton’s local residents has created a 3D model of the combined proposals that you can explore yourself. It uses Google Earth and allows you to view the proposed wind-farms from any vantage point. Google Earth is a free piece of software that works on computers and tablets, alike.
To explore the model first download Google Earth – then click here to download the proposed turbine positions. Start the Google Earth application and use the File menu to open the downloaded file.

If you don’t have access to a computer or would like a guided tour please contact us by using the email form on the Contacts page. We will arrange a time and place to show you the model.

4 thoughts on “New 3D model of all turbines

  1. Thank you creator! If THE Creator had wanted a landscape like this HE would have made trees to look like giant windmills!! It’s about as mental as a deranged developer proposing a 30 storey concrete tower block in the middle of the village! Imagine how the Planners would respond then?? For pity’s sake, and for once, let the people’s voice of sense prevail and reject this man-made ‘folly’ – wholesale!

  2. You’re welcome.

    BTW Jonathan pointed out I’d made the Keirs Hill Turbines too short !!!

    I’ve updated them to their truly horrendous 150m scale

  3. Then I should also modify my analogy to read a 40 storey concrete tower block!! Far better to STOP it, than try to REVERSE it I say. Thank you for putting scale to the cause!

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