Scotland’s wild beauty ‘being lost to turbines’

Scotland's wild beauty 'being lost to turbines'

An article in today’s Daily Telegraph highlighting the dramatic change in Scotland’s landscape.
Man-made structures can now be seen from at least 70 per cent of Scotland, with a recent five per cent increase in the area affected by development being blamed on the spread of wind turbines.
An official report from Scottish Natural Heritage, the environment agency, found that the figure had risen from 65 per cent in 2008 to 70 per cent by 2010.
However, according to anti-wind farm campaigners, the situation may now be much worse, with one suggesting that 80 per cent of the country could soon be blighted. Click here to read the full article.

3 thoughts on “Scotland’s wild beauty ‘being lost to turbines’

    • Quote from the report: “The components that make up the indicator are – Airfields; Major bridges; Extraction industries; Offshore
      surface structures; Wind Turbines; Tall structures without wind turbines; Building density (low and high);
      Motorways; Trunk roads; Non trunk A roads; B Roads; Minor roads and tracks (all); Railways; Overhead lines.”
      You can download the report here: snh-visual-influence-of-built-development.pdf

  1. As a result of this article in the Telegraph, I posted on my FB page:
    This is one, but a big one of the reasons I oppose independance as prescribed by SNP. Clearly they love Scotland less than I, or they would not blight our landscape (at great potential harm to tourism) with these unproven monstrosities – in fact until someone proves the contrary, I will remain convinced they are the mother of white elephants!
    Dismantle and remove them – every last one!

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