Souper douper lunch!

Souper douper lunch!

Around 150 supporters had a splendid lunch yesterday, pictured are just a few of the delicious sweets served up after everyone had enjoyed a bowl of warming soup. After the raffle (which took quite some time due to the amount of prizes) Bill Steven gave the packed hall an update on the 5 developments and on how the campaign is progressing.
He urged everyone to go along to the Glenmount exhibition on Friday (2pm – 8pm) and express their views to RWE Renewables. If you are unable to attend the exhibition in Straiton they are having another one on Saturday 18th in Dalmellington Community Education Centre (10am – 4pm).
The lunch raised over £1,000 for the campaign but the final figure will be more. Some money is still due in from the sales of prints by James Fullarton.
A great lunch and a great boost to the funds. A big thank you to all who made it possible.

4 thoughts on “Souper douper lunch!

  1. I had to baby sit, so sadly I missed it. I did expect some cake to bought home mind you but it was all sold apprently, what a brilliant event!

  2. What a well attended event and a superb update on the current situation from Bill. Apart from the scenic rape of our lovely surroundings, the sheer waste associated with this the most inefficient forms of electricity generation subsidized with our tax moneys, without which none of these companies would even contemplate building any of these wind farms a they will never ever pay for themselves.

  3. Hi Everyone – what a wonderful day & so sorry I was not able to attend as was in Perthshire at the time. Thank you to all invloved for a wonderful fund-raising effort & for furthuring our redoubtable cause.

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