Traffic route to Glenmount

Glenmount exhibition posterAt a recent meeting between Bill Steven, Chair of Save Stration for Scotland, and RWE Renewables it was confirmed that RWE intend to reach the access road to Glenmount through the village. This could mean that not only would the actual turbines be transported through the conservation village but construction traffic as well. As yet it is not known if this traffic would come through Kirkmichael or, more likely, Crosshill.

7 thoughts on “Traffic route to Glenmount

  1. well they’ll have to drive over the top of me if it comes to that then! I’ll happily camp out in the middle of the road by my house – always felt like a bit of a swampy at heart!

  2. And I’ll join you, Joanna!
    I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have that sheer volume of traffic going right past our doors.
    It would be the ruination of the village – I don’t see how it could be reinstated afterwards when we’re talking about the bridge, the war memorial and the trees beside it.

  3. I’ll join you Joanna I will park my caravan in the middle of Main Street outside the Black Bull and the road junction to Dalmellington and block the road!

  4. Given the size of the transport for the turbines and the amount they need to widen the junctions whose house are they planning on moving to get into the Dalmelligton road opposite the Black Bull? The other thing they never mention is that although they always claim to transport in the early hours to avoid disruption the drivers then do not always return with the empty trucks until the afternoon.

    • The preferred route is from Ayr to Minishant, turning off to Kirkmichael along the B7045, continue to Straiton and up the Newton Stewart road to just before the bridge over the Water of Girvan at Tairlaw. They will not be going down the dalmellington Road but even so the sharp corner at the end of the Main Street by the War memorial will be tricky. It is a concern to people in houses near this corner as they intend to temporarily move lamposts which are already very close to properties. And, as you say, empty transport vehicles have to make the return journey, which is six for each turbine.

      • Thats one corner less I guess but its now worse as they will pass my house!! my dry stone wall is not going to stand the vibration from that lot!!

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