New photos of Straiton

You know what they say about pictures being worth a thousand words. Some new composite photos of Straiton have just been uploaded to the site, to remind us of what we are fighting for. They are large composites and can be downloaded in their original size if you wish. You can see them in slide-view here: – or find them on the Gallery page at Hope you like them!

4 thoughts on “New photos of Straiton

  1. Beautiful indeed! Don’t suppose you have the gift of superimposing the turbines onto the same images to see the full impact?

  2. This is why i wanted to live here…..others should be able to enjoy this for generations to come.

  3. The development of the turbines at Straiton and surrounding villages is reckless, inane and morally unsupportable. Our grandchildren will never forgive us if we let these charlatans have their ways!

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