PNE ready to proceed with Dalmorton (Knockskae Hill) wind farm plans

A letter from has been sent from PNE energy to the secretary of Crosshill, Kirkmichael and Straiton community council announcing plans to apply for planning permission for a windfarm and to consult with the local community. Planning documents attached to the letter. Click here to read PNE Wind letter 13-03-13

2 thoughts on “PNE ready to proceed with Dalmorton (Knockskae Hill) wind farm plans

  1. This is a Company who say one thing and do another, I spoke to one of their Reps a few weeks ago. He stated that it will not be till the end of this year that they will be thinking of putting in an Application to the council, until all their surveys and checks on the area has been done. Now they state they are ready to Proceed.

  2. Maurice, just to clarify, I think they are still set on that timescale re application, they are just committing to more community involvement at an earlier stage, given willowind’s disasterous experience. You are right, though, we need to keep on our toes as to appearances and soothing chat and actual intentions, at the end of the day a wind factory is a wind factory and this is what we are opposing, no matter how dressed up.

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