The Girvan valley, at Genoch, II

The Girvan valley, seen from the driveway to Genoch farm. Centre left, seemingly on its own eminence, but actually on a continuous slope, Linfairn farm amidst trees and blue metal barns. Behind, the forested slopes of Knockskae, and just visible, the treeless mountain peak shape of Back Fell. To the right of Linfairn, the line of trees marks the drive up to the farm, and then the location of hidden Palmullan burn in its secretive gorge. To the right again, the lovely smooth undulating curves of Dalmorton Hill: on its left in the far distance, the Black Hill of Knockgardner, and to its right, the beginnings of Cawin Hill. ©Jonathan Meuli : from NS 38994 01265: 1st April 2013 : part 2 of a two-part approx 180° panorama

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