Glenmount – the images

Viewpoint-15-detail_Quite a number of documents (not yet all) are now available on East Ayrshire’s planning website (click here). Here, to keep you busy, are some of the most important: the full Environmental Statement (over 500 pages) and three PDF documents which give all the viewpoints:

If your computer is likely to crash downloading and viewing these large PDFs, then have a look at a selection of the viewpoints below. We have taken screenshots and uploaded some of the key viewpoints into a gallery. We haven’t chosen all the viewpoints: several of those in the Glenmount submission show trees and shrubs, and surprise surprise! – you can’t seen the wind farm from behind a bush! But as you will see below, you can see it from all over Ayrshire and beyond, and you can see clearly that it will destroy some of our most beautiful countryside.

We agree with the East and South Ayrshire Landscape Wind Capacity Studies, which say clearly that planners should “Maintain the rugged scenery and sense of wildness associated with Loch Doon and the Carrick Hills by directing wind farm development away from this landscape and ensuring that development sited in surrounding landscapes avoid significant impact on its setting and experiential qualities.” The same studies also say that there is “no scope for larger development typologies to be sited in this landscape” and that “no turbines over 20 metres should be considered for this landscape.” How clear does the advice have to be?

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