So much wind

Struan Stevenson MEP (see his video message of support on this website) has published a new book entitled So Much Wind – The Myth of Green Energy. The book is “the first of its kind; a comprehensive analysis of all the arguments against industrial wind energy, including the financial implications, impacts on health, animals, landscape vandalism, peat bogs, carbon emissions, offshore wind, impacts on blue carbon resources and of course, the many negative impacts on local communities most affected by the unbridled development of wind turbines. [… It …] also provides assessment of possible alternatives including an increased focus on energy efficiency and further research and development of sunrise technologies including the hydrogen economy, wave and tidal power, shale gas and nuclear thorium.”
The book is published by Birlinn Press and is available in all good bookshops as well as on Amazon and many other online retailers. Comments and reviews are welcome!
See the book jacket here: So Much Wind (FLR).

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