from Bennan Hill 3 / 6

looking SSE – steep Craig Hill in sunshine to the left foreground (snowy summits of Coran of Portmark and Meaul in the distance behind. Left centre: the rocky slopes of Genoch Inner Hill (in shadow – middle distance). To the right of Genoch Inner Hill, the cleft pyramid of Cornish Hill, and then (moving right) the snowy summit of Merrick, and the big bulk of Shalloch on Minnoch to the right. In the foreground, down a little from Shalloch on Minnoch, is Linfairn farm, surely one of the most beautifully situated farms in Scotland. © Jonathan Meuli : 75mm lens : from from the summit of Bennan Hill : NS 37913 03374: 13th March 2013 : part 3 of 360° panorama

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