Keirs Hill Planning Submission

July 2015
Below is a list of the updated documents which RES have supplied in response to submissions by East Ayrshire Council, Save Straiton for Scotland, VisitStraiton and others.

Below is the planning submission for the proposed Keirs Hill windfarm.  This planning application was submitted to the Energy Consents Department on the 29th November 2013. The final objection date was the 24th January 2014.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to object to this proposal, it is believed over 3000 objections were received by the Energy Consents Department! To view the SSfS objection to Keirs Hill and supporting material please click here.

Planning Submission

The high level summary is the ‘Volume 1 Non Technical Summary’. However, the real meat is in the ‘Volume 2 Main Report’ which is split out into chapters. You should be able to see from the headings and any appendices which bits are most relevant to your particular area of interest. Photomontages and Theoretical Zones of Visibility can be seen in the ‘Volume 4 Part 1 & 2′ links.

3 thoughts on “Keirs Hill Planning Submission

  1. I think that this development will greatly improve Patna and I hope the village benefits from some of the money it will generate for the community. It is certainly a village that needs investment and I don’t see any interest from the council in investing in Patna. It has our support!

    • Of course the village of Patna could benefit from money being invested in it. However the proposal for 149m high turbines situated a mere 1km from homes is astonishing. The Government’s own guidelines are 2km and these are widely expected to increase in 2014. There are many other communities which would be adversely affected by this proposal; Waterside, Straiton, Dalmellington and Kirkmichael even Troon, some 35km away, would get a clear view of the turbines! No turbines of this size have ever been built on-shore in the UK. The East Ayrshire Wind Capacity Study states that this landscape could potentially accommodate 50-70m high turbines – these are more than double that height. I’m sure many people in Patna and Waterside will be concerned about the proximity of turbines with the associated noise, shadow flicker and sheer dominance of these structures.

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