How to Object to Hadyard Hill Extension

The Extension to Hadyard Hill Wind Farm was submitted to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit in April 2015.

All documents can be viewed on SSE’s website, click here, scroll down to Environmental Statement and all the documents are listed.

Your Role in the Objection Process

  • Choose objection method from those listed below
  • Review some objection topics, but consider adding your own comments around an area that particularly concerns you. For example residents in Barr, Crosshill, Kirkmichael, Maybole and Wallacetown might be concerned about the visual impact, especially as it will have a cumulative effect with the existing wind farm. The Penwhapple reservoir supplies water to Grant’s Distillery and you may have concerns about the safety of the water during groundworks for two new turbines near the reservoir. You may be concerned that stunning views along national Cycle Route 7 (Nick O’ the Balloch to Crosshill) will be ruined. Or, if you live nearby the effects of shadow flicker and noise on your property and garden. Whatever it is, adding your own comments will make your objection stand out a bit more.

The final date for representations is the 5th June 2015.


Objection Methods

These are various ways in which you or family and friends can object to this planning application:


Object by Email or In Writing

Objections to this application can be made by email to The Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit mailbox at

Or post your letter to the following address:

The Scottish Government
Energy Consents Unit
4th Floor
5 Atlantic Quay
150 Broomielaw
G2 8LU


  • Central Consents do not make reference numbers available, so you need to be descriptive in the letter or email subject. For example: RE: SSE Hadyard Hill Wind Farm Extension, near Barr, South Ayrshire
  • Be aware that your name, address, postcode and date will be required for emails and letters.
  • One email or letter per individual in each household. If one email or letter is sent on behalf of 2 or more people it only counts as one objection.
  • For some examples of objection topics to include please click here

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Fill in and submit the form below:

  1. Add your objection comments to the form (name and address are compulsory) and click Submit to register your opinion on an application.
  2. This will go directly to the Energy Consents Unit
  3. For some examples of objection topics to include please click here

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Print Out Postcards

  • Take responsibility: if you can, print out or pick up 10 – 20 postcards for considered signature by friends, family, work colleagues etc. This could turn 200 objections into 4,000 – hard to ignore if you are an elected Councillor or Minister.
  • Our post card template has a selection of objection points plus a couple of lines where you can add your own personal objection.



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