Email Your Objection to Knocskae

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Dear Sir,

RE: Application by Brookfield to construct a wind farm at Knockskae, near Straiton, Ref: 15/01216/APPM.

I wish to strongly object to the above proposal for the following reasons:

1. The proposal will be clearly visible from the Conservation villages of Straiton, Crosshill and Kirkmichael detracting from their unique setting.

2. It is contrary to several aims of the Local Development Plan which seeks development that “respects the character of the landscape”, “respects, protects, and where possible, enhances natural, built and cultural heritage resources”, “protects peat resources” and “is appropriate in terms of its amenity impact, layout, scale, massing, design and materials in relation to its surroundings”. The proposal is not in keeping with its surroundings and is a large industrial development in a rural setting made with non-sustainable materials including rare earth metals; neodymium and dysprosium.

3. It is too close to homes resulting in loss of amenity for residents, many may well experience shadow flicker and noise pollution.

4. It would have a negative effect on the setting of the A-listed St Cuthbert’s Church in Straiton and the nearby A-listed Blairquhan Castle.

5. This proposal is not in keeping with the South Ayrshire Wind Capacity Study which states “the narrowness of parts of this landscape (17c) and its proximity to the well settled Stinchar and Girvan valleys and the sensitive Rugged Hills, Lochs and Forest (21) are key constraints”. The development is sited on high ground right at the very edge of this Landscape Character Type (LCT), indeed the application boundary actually overlaps LCT 13 Intimate Pastoral Valley.

6. We respectfully request that the Planning Service respect the view of the Government’s Moffat Report on Wind farms and Tourism that local planning policies should act to prevent the construction of wind farms in scenic and tourism-sensitive areas.

7. We believe that Knockskae Wind Farm is the wrong solution for a scenic landscape which is of great importance to Southern Scotland. It has a negative impact on the Merrick Area of Wild Land, the only area of wild land in south-west Scotland and as such us a scare resource which merits protection.

8. It would be conspicuous from as far away as Troon and Ayr to the north and the summit of Merrick to the south; ruining the perception of the Galloway hills as Southern Scotland’s last wild enclave.

9. In June 2013 an opinion poll of all residents of Straiton showed that 92 per cent opposed the Knockskae wind farm proposals. We respectfully urge South Ayrshire Council to refuse permission for this development.

Yours Sincerely,