A Planning Application has been submitted for Knockskae, closing date for representations is 31 December 2015. However, South Ayrshire Council continues to accept any comments made on a planning application right up until the point that a report is issued.

Click here to view the Environmental Statement and some of the viewpoints.

Knockskae windfarm was first proposed by PNE Energy in 2013. PNE UK was bought by Brookfield, a Canadian company, in 2015. The windfarm is partly located on Knockskae Hill, Back Fell and Knockgardner. Details of the windfarm can still be found on the PNE website.

The site contains some useful information including contact details and information regarding the Community Liaison Group (CLG). The first CLG meeting was held at The Willie Wastles Inn, Crosshill on the 13th May 2013 and has met over the course of the project’s development. The Minutes from the first meeting can be found here.

For further information regarding community development the team can be contacted on 0131 243 9100 or via email to

Updates – December 2015

  • Brookfield submitted a planning application to South Ayrshire Council for 11 turbines at 126m high and associated infrastructure.

Updates – June 2013

  • Knockskae Location Map. High level map showing the boundary outline for the windfarm.
  • Knockskae Location Map (Detail) This map shows the turbine placing in detail. The Knockskae farm would fit like a jigsaw piece into the middle of the two halves of the Linfairn site.
  • Knockskae Exhibition Boards. For anyone who was unable to attend or wishes to revisit the information that was provided at the Public Exhibition held in Straiton on Tuesday, 11th June.

Updates – March 2013

PNE Wind letter 13-03-13 – a letter from PNE energy to the secretary of Crosshill, Kirkmichael and Straiton community council announcing their plan to apply for planning permission for a windfarm. Planning documents attached to the letter.

Updates – January 2013

Scoping Opinion Request – Dalmorton Wind Farm LR
This is the request by PNE energy for opinions from statutory consultees. The document contains maps as well as a summary report on what is proposed. Opinions by the consultees (SNH, Historic Scotland, South Ayrshire planning etc.) have not yet been published.

5 thoughts on “Knockskae

  1. Dalmorton/Knockskae Wind Farm is also nothing to do with us at Knockskae Cottage, or simply Knockskae to us. We do however expect serious impact from the three WTGs that are planned for Knockskae Hill as their construction and existance of their foundations will at best restrict further the input of water into the hill and thus into our private water supply and at worst simply pollute it thus making the house uninhabitable.
    This of course will put the kibosh on our retirement in a beautiful corner of Scotland. This is on top of the noise and flicker distress we will suffer from the view of at least 3 Linfairn WTGs from our lounge, kitchen and both bedrooms as all 4 windows in the main house will be pointing straight at them. Then of course the east facing windows will have a lovely(?) view of the rest of the Linfairn WTGs.
    Unfortunately we will have to stick it out as we do not have the luxury to be able to clear off as we will be unable to get a mortgage at our age and most of our funds have been put into the rebuild of the house.
    Then there is now, all the distress Christine is suffering from the emergence of all the applications and proposals that will surround us. These will be as close as less than 700 metres to the nearest WTG according to Willowind. This is all going on while she is undergoing chemo therapy to overcome cancer.

  2. I have the same problems as Sandy and Christine, I live in Glenalla Farm which is right on the boundary of Dalmorton wind farm; in fact if this site goes ahead I will be completely blocked off from freely coming and going from my property as the forest track that leads to my home is within the wind farms boundaries. They say they would take my circumstances into account. But we have all seen the big padlocked gates they put in front of all the roads and track accesses to the wind farms, will I get a key and what about my postman, deliveries and even my friends and family who visit? Or will they leave the gates open for me? Also my water partly comes from the run off from BACK FELL and the rest from a spring which is right on the boundary. When they start work will this contaminate my water supply and make my home uninhabitable? I recently spoke to an estate agent, and was told if the plans go ahead due to my location my home will be unsellable, will I get compensation for this? I too am in the same situation as Sandy and Christine: I am unable to sell up as all my savings have gone and at my age will never be given another mortgage. So I’m stuck here till they put me into my wooden box or win the lottery. If we do not stop these planned Wind farms I can see all our lives in for some Big Disturbances and our peace and quiet gone forever…

  3. The recent snow has made it much easier to identify certain hills. The shape of Back Fell is now much easier to recognise, with a prominent white peak, dark forests and the white lines of the open fire-breaks and rides through the forests. Back Fell (the highest hill above Knockskae) is a high hill – 428m. Driving down the M77 yesterday I realised how conspicuous it is from miles around – (the reason of course that they put a triangulation point near its summit). You can see it clearly coming down the M77, it is very prominent from the Symington bypass, from the Ayr bypass, and all the way along the road from Minishant to Kirkmichael.
    Large wind turbines on the ridge and slopes of such a prominent hill, as proposed by PNE for Dalmorton wind farm, would be visible for miles and would form a visual fence between Ayrshire and the Galloway Forest. It would be a very poor way of advertising the delights of the Galloway Forest, Dark Sky Park and Biosphere to the travellers on the M77. No longer would you see the wild hills, with Merrick and Shalloch on Minnoch rising tantalisingly in the distance. Your eye would be caught by yet another picket line of turbines. Shall we go this way in search of adventure? No I don’t think so.
    If and when the proposed Dalmorton wind farm comes before South Ayrshire’s planners, they will rightly consider visual impacts of this sort, and we must make sure they are fully aware of them.

    • I totally agree with Jonathan’s comments, as I live on the Southern slope of Back Fell (Glenalla Farm).They will rightly have to consider visual impacts of this sort, we must make them fully aware of the impact they cause…

  4. Today we received the PNE Knockskae Newsletter, through our letter box, delivered by royal mail. Included is a map showing the siting of the 19 turbines. The map has printing that is so small that a magnifying glass is needed to read the surrounding properties that will be affected. There is no ‘large view’ to include the proximity to Straiton, Kirkmichael or Crosshill.

    I also see that the “Community Liaison Group – to ensure that Knockskae Wind Farm takes full account of local people’s views” meets in Willie Wastles Inn Crosshill. They include a photo of Crosshill, as one of the villages that could benefit from the windfarm community fund – the village that will probably be least affected by the development. I presume PNE are using Crosshill as their focus village as they know the views of Save Straiton for Scotland and the residents, and think less opposition will be had there.

    PNE also try to tell us how many ‘positives’ we can expect by the jobs they will create and how much the local hospitality industry will benefit by the Knockskae wind farm development – all facts we know are untrue.

    I find the wording of the Newsletter to be very patronising, and as usual short on facts and economical with the truth.

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