Dersalloch Planning Submission

Dersalloch is a section 36 application by Scottish Power Renewables which was consented by the Scottish Government on 24 July 2014 (co-incidentally also the opening day of the Commonwealth Games). The letter of consent outlineing the Government’s reasoning can be read here. It was first proposed in 2005, and there were amendments in 2006 and 2012. There was a final opportunity to make representations to yet another set of information in March 2014. Many thanks to the many who did so. 4,746 people objected with 23 in favour of the development. Objectors included the Community Councils of Dalmellington and Crosshill, Straiton & Kirkmichael, Save Straiton for Scotland’s objection can be read here along with the appendix (2.5mb)

The 2005 and 2006 material doesn’t seem to be available digitally. Below you can download the following: the Non-Technical summary (includes maps) of 2012 and the technical reports which formed “Addendum III” – the latter was what our representations to the Scottish government principally referred to; also some of the principal viewpoint images from the 2012 addendum. We have included some images of viewpoints which the SPR did not use, but should have done!

1. Dersalloch Non-technical summary
2. ScottishPower Renewables AEI report
3. Report by Professor Woan

The Scottish Government’s page on Dersalloch has some other relevant documentation.

The Dersalloch wind farm consists of 23 turbines: seven at 115m and sixteen at 125m to blade tip. The site is Dersalloch Hill, between Straiton and Dalmellington: it would sit on the high ground behind and beyond the Monument – just to the left of the monument as you look at it from Maybole. The wind farm would be parallel to the Straiton-Dalmellington B741, and dominate the whole of that road.

The nearest turbine to Straiton is 2.3km away (measured to the War memorial) and 2.2km (measured to the primary school). Click on the map below to see the detail…
Here are some PDFs of the original “official” views from the Scottish Power Renewables Environmental Assessment of 2012, and below, there are some extra jpgs of views which weren’t included but should have been. The view over Loch Doon from the A713 was only supplied by SPR as a wireframe.

Viewpoint 08 Gass 6.17
Viewpoint 08 NE Gass 6.17
Viewpoint 07 Patna 6.16
Viewpoint 03 Craigengillan 6.12
Viewpoint 09 Blairquhan 6.18
Viewpoint 12 Tairlaw Toll 6.21
Viewpont 04 Dalcairney Path 6.13
Viewpoint 02 Loch Doon 6.11


Note on the wireframe: shows the turbines that would be visible from the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory.


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