Our AGM and Splendid Afternoon Tea

Wine glasses

It was great to see so many faces at our AGM on Sunday. Our Chair, Glen Heggs, welcomed everyone and, after everyone had got a cup of tea or glass of wine, Glen listed the 6 wind farm proposals which would impact this area: Knockkippen, Sclenteuch, Knockcronal, Carrick, Clauchrie and Craiginmoddie. A total of 79 turbines, the majority at a whopping 200m high. Also nearby is Knockodhar south of Barr which alone consists of 32 turbines at 200m high.

Despite the potential destruction of huge swathes of our beautiful countryside and the impacts on nearby residents the meeting was remarkably convivial and upbeat. It was great to get together again and to meet fellow supporters. Speakers from Waterside, Dailly and near Clauchrie gave their thoughts on how the proposals would impact the area and shared their valuable experience on responding to applications and participating in public inquiries.

After the update on the wind farm situation in the area Glen Heggs introduced the business part of the meeting which was in accordance with the agenda which had been circulated and principally to elect a chair, vice chair, treasurer and committee. The minutes of the last AGM in March 2019 had been circulated and this was the first opportunity to have an AGM following the easing of covid restrictions. It also coincided with an upturn in wind farm activity so the timing was opportune.

Chris Johnston gave the treasurer’s report. There had been little activity on the account since the last AGM and the bank balance was a little over £3,000. It was noted that this would not pay for much professional input if required for the imminent objections.

Glen Heggs agreed to stay on as Chair in the interim. Bea Holden remains vice chair. Lala Burchall Nolan and Tom Dowman have stepped down from the Committee. Sandy Millar and Chris Johnston are staying on as members and are joined by John Ross.

We are looking for more supporters to come forward to help. We need a Treasurer and someone to help with our website (woefully out of date!) and social media. If you have knowledge of ornithology, ecology, archaeology, hydrology, tourism, hill walking we’d love to hear from you. Apart from the role of Treasurer you do not need to formally join the Committee but can simply be co-opted to help out when required. Thanks to all those who have already volunteered their help, it is much appreciated.

mince pie

A huge thank you to Jeanette Heggs for a simply delicious afternoon tea. Single-handedly Jeanette supplied individual boxes with home-made sandwiches, cakes and mince pies to attendees. A great idea as it doubled as a doggy bag.

Thank you to all those who donated and bought raffle tickets. £149.20 was raised and will be put to good use in getting professional help in our responses.

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