18 turbines at 200m high in the Galloway Forest Park is unacceptable

ScottishPower Renewables have submitted an application for the first of their proposed wind farms in the Galloway Forest Park.

Clauchrie is between Barr and Glentrool and consists of 18 turbines at a whopping 200m high. They will be clearly visible from the Straiton walks and have serious negative impacts on the landscape, Wild Land, Biosphere, Dark Sky Park plus other walks and cycle routes. This has implications for residents and visitors to Straiton. We are busy studying the application in detail and will let you know how you can make your representations.

3 thoughts on “18 turbines at 200m high in the Galloway Forest Park is unacceptable

  1. The sooner the Galloway Forest becomes a national park the better to prevent the ruination of some of the last unspoiled parts of southern Scotland. Hopefully the local councils and more importantly the Scottish Government see sense before it is too late.

  2. Thank you for letting us know. This application sounds completely unacceptable. We will await information on how to make our objection.

    Best wishes and many thanks again for all – Linda

  3. I’m disgusted how the SNP Government, are using their power under Sec 36. Also their reason take over and renaming of the Forestry Commission to ‘Land & Forest Project’ ? A take over of a National Forest, and doing what ever they like to it. The Monstrous size of these Turbines 200m. I don’t think people actually realise how tall that is… Phew… these will be seen for miles and miles all around. If something can be done it needs to be done now, before it’s too late…

    Also to the North of this one, they are already putting in all new forest ROADS. The layout is similar to another wind farm being put in ?????

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