A quick update on potential developments which could affect us. There are five proposals which could have an impact on the quality of life and the livelihoods of the parish of Straiton and the surrounding villages.

  1. Gold Mining in the Galloway Forest Park. GreenOre Gold plc and Koza Ltd (Turkey’s largest gold mining company) have been conducting test drilling a few miles south of Straiton. The environmental damage that might occur if mining were permitted could be tremendous. Huge amounts of rock and stone are dug away for tiny amounts of gold. The company reported that they found 3.8 grammes of gold per tonne about 3 metres below the surface. There are 28.3 grammes in one ounce so this gives you an indication of how many tonnes have to be removed to find just one ounce.
  2. Wind turbine by Red Bridge on the B741 between Straiton and Dalmellington. Clean Earth Energy Ltd, a company based in Cornwall are considering applying for a single turbine adjacent to Dersalloch. We believe this could set a precedent for extending wind developments by other companies.
  3. Skeldon wind farm. ABEI Energy are proposing to apply for five turbines at a tip height of 125m near Hollybush/Skeldon. Details of how this could impact us are not clear yet.
  4. Clauchrie wind farm. Located south of Barr in the Galloway Forest Park. ScottishPower Renewables have produced a scoping report for a development of 18 turbines at a height of 200m. They would be clearly seen from the walks around Straiton and have a detrimental impact on the Merrick Area of Wild Land.
  5. Carrick wind farm. Again located in the Galloway Forest Park and proposed by ScottishPower Renewables. Details of the amount of turbines have not been finalised but we assume they will also be 200m high. The area covered by this development is vast and the met mast has been erected at the edge of Linfern Loch a few miles south of Straiton. In the past wind farms applications have been for 25 years but both these last two proposals are in perpetuity.

We will be monitoring the above carefully to see how they might impact us and the surrounding communities.

1 thought on “Update

  1. Reference the Carrick one… my Property butts onto the boundary of it… and cause a major problem for me… someone maybe good to approach Sir Charles Fergusson . As he still owns Garleffin. Which is completely inside the boundary…?
    Please keep me updated about these monsters…
    Thank you…
    Mr Maurice McPhillimey
    Glenalla Farm

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