Vindicated – At Long Last

After a five and a half year battle with WilloWind, we are relieved and delighted to report that they have withdrawn their application to develop Linfairn wind farm. 

In their letter to the DPEA, WilloWind’s legal team admitted that “further data that was obtained earlier this year has led them to conclude that the scheme cannot be realised”. As many of our supporters already know, the further data in question was noise data – work they were forced to undertake at the insistence of SSfS after our painstaking analysis revealed non-compliant methods and an inaccurate baseline assessment.

Apart from the noise issues we firmly believed the scheme was completely unacceptable for many other reasons: the immense and oppressive impact on the landscape of the upper Girvan valley; its proximity to neighbouring homes and the devastating consequences it would have on those living in them, including the nuisance of light flicker; and the impacts on ecology, tourism, traffic and water quality.

SSfS is immensely grateful to the thousands of people from all over the world who objected to this appalling proposal and to everyone who campaigned, raised funds and supported us in our long struggle. 

6 thoughts on “Vindicated – At Long Last

  1. Well done to everyone who has worked tirelessly to overthrow this “takeover” – personal thanks in particular to the SSfS Committee members who have not stopped working over the last few years to ensure we are now free of this threat of wind farm development.

  2. Thank you all on the SSfS committee for all your Hard work, with this result it shows you’re a Fantastic Team. You have save our beautiful countryside and views, which we all respect and love.
    You all have my total Respect, and heart felt Thanks
    Maurice McPhillimey
    Glenalla Farm…

  3. Fantastic news. What a great team we have had to fight off the wind farms. Can’t thank them enough ….they have always been so positive and now success and well deserved.

  4. During the dark days when we were fighting all these wind farm applications and I myself was fighting cancer, I found this quotation on the Cancer Chat website which helped me stay strong. “The Devil whispered in my ear “You are not strong enough to withstand the storm”, I whispered in the Devil’s ear “I AM the storm!!”.
    The developers discovered the hard way that we are indeed “The Storm”!

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