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Linfairn Inquiry postponed

3 thoughts on “Linfairn Inquiry postponed

  1. Hopefully the final decision will be the unsuitability of the location for Wind Turbines not only for Willowind, but permanently.

  2. It is time to ask for a complete record of the last five years’ wind, and draw attention to the troughs, and just exactly what power they’re going to fill in with. The truth is that nuclear power is far cleaner and safer than the capricious so-called “renewables”.

    On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 5:00 PM, Save Straiton for Scotland wrote:

    > VisitStraiton posted: ” The Public Local Inquiry (PLI) into Linfairn Wind > Farm has been postponed and is now likely be rescheduled for January 2018 > at the earliest. The Applicant has been asked to re-do the work on noise, > to ensure the proper background lev” >

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