Knockskae is defeated!

Two women standing with arms and thumbs up

Brookfield have just announced they are not going to appeal the decision to refuse planning permission for Knockskae wind farm.

They stated “Having considered all future avenues for the project and the reasons for the refusal, we have decided not to proceed with an appeal and to close out current and future development work on Knockskae.”

A huge thank you to everyone who objected and to those who spoke out at the Council’s planning meeting. All our hard work spent studying the Application in detail and writing our comprehensive objection has paid off.

The Developer has recognised that this wind farm was just plain wrong.

2 thoughts on “Knockskae is defeated!

  1. After it became clear, years ago, that wind power was not a viable source of electricity, all turbine installations should have been stopped, perhaps pending very much better means of storing power.
    Those politicos in charge owe us, and Scotland, a cessation of this failed experiment, but ignorance, mendaciry, corruption and inertia reign, still.
    Off shore turbines will likewise fail, with more waste.
    All these failures apply, worldwide.

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