Knockskae – rightly refused

The unspoilt Girvan Valley near Straiton

Just one of the beautiful views we are fighting to save along with protecting people’s homes from wind farm disturbance

Local people fought for it to be refused, the Planning Department recommended refusal and the Regulatory Planning Committee met today and unanimously refused it.

Henry Anderson, Chair of the Community Council was first up, stressing that the overwhelming view of the local community was against this development. Next Glen Heggs, Vice Chair of Save Straiton for Scotland, spoke about the site selection and impact on homes followed by Jeanette Heggs who spoke about the value of the conservation villages. Gordon Ferrie and Bea Holden talked about Straiton’s historical features and the impact on the economy respectively. Whirly Marshall explained eloquently how the development contravened the Wind Capacity Study and the Local Development Plan. Eoghan Baird spoke about the impacts of Shadow Flicker on homes and Colin Nisbet raised deep concerns over contamination of water supplies. Sandy Millar pointed out serious deficiencies in the noise assessments. Barbara Anderson, Isla Cruickshanks and Christine Millar, who all live close to the proposed development, spoke passionately about how this would impact upon their lives if built, and how even the planning application has cast a shadow over their lives.

Finally former Chair, Bill Stevens, told the packed chamber how the people did not support the proposal. Including our petition, over 3,000 people have objected.

All the Councillors agreed the Carrick area has reached saturation point for wind farms, one stating “enough is enough”.

And we agree.

7 thoughts on “Knockskae – rightly refused

    • Thanks for your comments and support. Knockskae has not been overturned before but if you are referring to other applications which have been overturned after South Ayrshire Council have refused them then I sincerely hope this will not happen this time. I trust our full objection will be read by the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) in Falkirk and they will come to the same decision as South Ayrshire Council’s Planning Panel.

      • Ok, just wondered as I remember the Dersalloch fiasco when we were railroaded by Fergus Ewing. Any idea when the DPEA might be looking at it?

  1. “Enough is enough” and being entirely convinced as a physicist, that Catastrophic Climate Change is a genuine threat from the consumption of fossil carbon and oxygen, I hold that wind and solar are no help whatever.
    Even one wind turbine is too many.
    They exist only because of ignorance, fear, and deliberate misinformation about nuclear power. The USA had two different proven meltdown-immune technologies, after a deliberate test of the IFR project’s Experimental Breeder Two, three weeks before Chernobyl.
    Radioactive isotopes behave like a blacksmith’s forge, except that they cannot be artificiially hurried. When the blacksmith makes the fire hotter, the fuel is used up faster. Likewise, the “hottest burning” radioactive isotopes are the shortest lived.
    The supposedly enormous burden of “spent” nuclear fuel in the USA is increasing at the terrible rate of about 2.5 million kilograms per year — 25 hundred tonnes. 95% of it it the original uranium, unused and therefore not so much “nuclear waste” as “wasted nuclear energy”. The plutonium in it is “reactor grade”, meaning that the people who designed ways to generate “bomb grade” plutonium probably, if pressed, could design a bomb-making scheme using that plutonium, but any person who could do it knows an easier way. The “device” at Alamogordo, the first nuclear explosion in the world, was a test of a ferociously ingenious way to simultaneously pack separate pieces of nearly pure Pu-239 (Pu-240 poisons it) together fast enough not to have the chain reaction start too soon.

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