Any old Junk? Or china, toys, bags…


Save Straiton have got the first cancellation for Maybole Charity shop. If you’ve any extra bric-a-brac (or clutter); clothes you don’t wear; books you’ve read; unused sport equipment; shoes which don’t fit; redundant kitchen equipment; camping gear; gardening tools; unwanted furniture; toys the kids have grown out of; or anything else you’ve got that you no longer need but someone else might, we’d love it for the shop. Raffle prizes are also welcome.

We’ve got storage facilities so if you’d like the stuff out of your way just call Bea on 01655 770247 and we’ll arrange a convenient collection time.

Once we know the exact dates we get the shop we’ll let you know. Please come along to support us you never know what you might pick up!

Funds are needed to pay for landscape experts who write detailed objections to inappropriate wind farm proposals focussing on the landscape aspects. The latest of these proposals is Knockskae; the developer is intending submitting additional information so there is still time to object, click here to go to our email template.

Reporter refuses wind farm near Wigtown Bay

Wigtown Bay

The wind farm would have been sited on the hill across the water totally ruining this beautiful scene.

Trevor Croft, the Reporter who held the Inquiry into Keirs Hill has refused permission for a wind farm near Wigtown Bay. His conclusion is as follows:

“I therefore conclude, for the reasons set out above, that the proposed development does not accord overall with the relevant provisions of the development plan and that there are no material considerations which would still justify granting planning permission. The appellant has acknowledged that the proposal does not accord with the development plan but maintains that other material considerations, notably the renewable energy and climate change benefits of the scheme justify approval. I do not consider that the undoubted renewable energy benefits of the proposal are sufficient to outweigh the adverse impacts on landscape, visual receptors and the cultural heritage. I have considered all the other matters raised, but there are none which would lead me to alter my conclusions.”

We believe if the same criteria are followed for Keirs Hill it will also be rejected. As soon as an announcement is made we’ll let you know.
You can read the whole report by clicking here.