Oops! Ewe couldn’t make it up.

turbine on bridge

Click on the picture above to view the video clip

Scottish Power Renewables (SPR) managed to get their turbine stuck on top of a bridge on its way to Ewe Hill wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway.

Funnily enough the turbine size is similar to those at Dersalloch, plus there’s a similar bridge to negotiate at Cassillis on the B7045. Again SPR are going to remove the stone parapet – perhaps this time they’ll remember to remove the temporary railing first!

Watching the video gives you a good impression of the scale of the turbines and how disruptive it’s going to be for those living along the route including the village of Kirkmichael.


3 thoughts on “Oops! Ewe couldn’t make it up.

  1. Most people have no conception of the size of these things and I strongly suspect that our politicians don’t either. A viewing of this video should be a requirement for planning committees.

  2. Farcical. Looks like the delivery instructions weren’t translated properly from English to Spanish! It’s going to be fun and games for all of us who need to use the turbine transportation routes. Hell mend anybody affected who didn’t object !

  3. I was looking at the “alterations” today near Cloncaird and wondering if that is the only problem they will face…..bridge at Cassilis springs to mind, corner by cemetery, corner by Crosshill turn off, corner by the old creamery etc etc not to mention what are they going to do the first time they meet the timber lorry convoy which goes through around 4/5 o.clock in the morning. All these things were mentioned in various objections no doubt but was any notice taken? of course not because the polititions are blinded by the “benefits” of wind farms. When I questioned the reps about the road used I was told they had “identified” several passing places between Minishant and the site!!!!!

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