Keirs Hill – updated information

Keirs Hill from Dunaskin Burn

This was taken from close to the remains of Laight Castle, a rectangular Tower House that is highly reputed to be the location that Alpine, the King of the Scots, was defeated and killed in a battle in 834. Keirs Hill is in the background. Note that a line of pylons on the far hillside is virtually invisible from this viewpoint but the turbines would be a very dominant feature.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy preparing our Case Outlines for the Keirs Hill Public Inquiry to be held at the end of September. RES have supplied additional information for their Application which can be viewed here.

Naturally we’ve looked at all the new information and remain convinced that this application is completely inappropriate for this location and is contrary to a myriad of local policies and guidelines.

We are working with our neighbours in the Doon Valley to mount a robust defence to protect individuals, communities, the landscape, tourism, recreational pursuits, and our culture and heritage.

Our Outlines have to be by this Friday, if anyone still wishes to speak and has not contacted us, please do tomorrow.

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