Our objection to Hadyard Hill Extension

The picturesque village of Barr

The picturesque village of Barr

We submitted a comprehensive Objection to SSE’s plans to extend the Hadyard Hill wind farm near Barr by 31 turbines, bringing the total number to a whopping 83. We stressed the damaging effects that the existing development has had on those living in close proximity and resulted in residents having to leave their homes. The extension would impact significantly on a further 26 homes. We also highlighted the damaging effect it could have on tourism and recreation in the area resulting in job losses. The Extension, we pointed out, is contrary to Scottish Planning Policy, the ethos of the Biosphere, the South Ayrshire Landscape Wind Capacity Study, Ayrshire & Arran Tourism Strategy and Wild Land Area policy.

Please read our full Objection by clicking the link here.

Crosshill, Straiton & Kirkmichael Community Council also objected as did Barr, Dailly, Pinmore & Pinmerry, and Colmonell & Lendalfoot CCs.

2 thoughts on “Our objection to Hadyard Hill Extension

  1. Hopefully with Prime minister cutting subsidies for these ugly wind farms that Hadyard Hill Extension will not go ahead as there will not be enough profit for these greedy companies, even with all the hot air from the Scottish First Minister.

  2. SAVE STRAITON FOR SCOTLAND> Have just read your objections to the Hadyard Hill Extension and agree fully with all that is included in your report. From experience I can only say that like the objections to the Pylons campaign who’s case was won, yet a single member of the Scottish Parliament overruled all findings and the Pylons were erected and they even raised a statue to the person I refer to..
    People have selective memories and will forget when it comes to the elections next year…please remember which party has been shouting the loudest for the wind turbines to be put in place only to shut them down when the national grid is overloaded and pay compensation to the companies involved . Have read in today’s local’ paper that the A714 will be closed during the day from 9.30 to 3.30 for eight weeks by the Assel Valley developers against the wishes of the Roads Alliance.

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