Thank you to South Ayrshire Council

On behalf of Save Straiton for Scotland and our supporters, I want to thank South Ayrshire Council for their unanimous decision to object to the Linfairn Wind Farm proposal.

The Planning Panel took issue with the Linfairn Wind Farm proposals, based on:
• The overwhelming local opposition to the proposal

• The impact on homes, especially from noise and shadow flicker
• Impact on the landscape of the Girvan Valley
• The unrealistic transport plans, and
• The number of wind farms already sited in South West Scotland

Hearing councillors say: “enough is enough”; “this is the wrong place” and; “common sense says no was music to my ears!

Our representatives showed themselves to have truly listed to and understood the concerns of the community and stood in solidarity with us in opposing the destruction of our landscape.

In listening to – and heeding – the voice of the people South Ayrshire demonstrated democracy in action. Let’s hope the Scottish Government stands ready to do likewise.

Lala Burchall-Nolan
Chair, Save Straiton for Scotland

9 thoughts on “Thank you to South Ayrshire Council

  1. That is excellent news – very heartening. Well done SSfS and everyone who has supported the struggle.

  2. I wish to thank all on the committee for all their hard work. This is the most fantastic news I have heard in a long time. If you could see the grin I have, you’ll understand. ….
    Thank you all. …
    Maurice. …

  3. Well done. This is brilliant news. It has been a long fight and a stressful time for the people of Straiton. I hope that the developer listens and leaves this beautiful area unspoiled. Thanks to the efforts of the SSfS team, Bill Steven and the sensible decision by South Ayrshire Council, Straiton can celebrate – a community saved.

  4. Do we have a date of when the Scottish Government are going to make a decision on this application?

    • Sorry to be so long to reply but we don’t know the decision date. SNH requested an extension to consider this application and will respond by the 10th of April. We expect the Government will only look at the application after that date.

  5. Terrific News!!! Thanks to Save Straiton for Scotland for the fantastic campaign!!

    Best wishes

    Linda & Nigel Hackett

  6. Sorry bit late but only just read this…great news are well done everybody on the SSfS team, fantastic job done by all of you, lets hope now that the developer takes note at last and actually listens to what we have all been saying since the start…No windfarms!!

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