Thank you and our submission

Linfairn Addendum pic

Thank you again for all your support; at the recent Soup and Sweet and for responding in your thousands to the original Linfairn Wind Farm Proposal and the Addendum. To read our submission please click here. There are 17 Chapters plus Appendices but you can just open the Chapter or Chapters which are of particular interest to you, or just read the conclusion if you are really pressed for time.

We do hope you will find some time to read through parts of it, in particular the Chapter on Shadow Flicker which is particularly significant. We are fortunate to have an expert software developer who has assisted us by applying for a software licence and using this specialist software to demonstrate that Shadow Flicker results should not be limited to 10 times the rotor diameter. When turbines are located south of homes, and especially on high ground, Shadow Flicker has the potential to affect properties much further afield.

2 thoughts on “Thank you and our submission

  1. Re gathering funds for the next round of wind farm applications – Knockskae. Might I be bold and make a suggestion? That if people were able to set up a standing order for £5 a month, within a year 200 people could raise £12,000, and 300 people £18,000. The SSfS Committee would then know that, from this point, they would be able to rely on at least £1,000 per month that could be used towards employing experts, for publishing costs, hiring the hall for meetings, travel costs to planning meetings, etc. On a personal level I’d still like to be attending events like the soup and sweet last Sunday, as the food was great and it was really nice to catch up with people, but £5 a month would take a great deal of the financial strain out of the fund-raising.

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