Knockower wind farm, contd.

Just to keep you updated on what the developers have curiously called “Knockower Community Windfarm”, and in case you were wondering why you had never heard of the vibrant community of Knockower in Dumfries and Galloway.

Knockower is a hill. A rather beautiful wild hill, just next to Coran of Portmark. We hope that the proposal doesn’t get any further, but if it does, we look forward to attending community meetings there, as the views will be great, but hope it won’t be too cold.

Knockower, from Loch Doon, photo M. Ferrier

Knockower, from Loch Doon, photo M. Ferrier

Knockower from Loch Doon, photo Dave Hancox

Knockower from Loch Doon, photo Dave Hancox

Knockower from Carsphairn, photo Linda Fairbairn

Knockower from Carsphairn, photo Linda Fairbairn

Below the photos, we have put in the map, just to remind you – Knockower-constraints-mapand yes, the proposed turbines are all over Knockower, and up onto the slopes of Coran of Portmark. The nearest actual communities to Knockower are Carsphairn (3.7km) and Dalmellington (10.5km), who already have plenty of proposed windfarms on their doorsteps, and probably don’t need any more educational visits just at the moment.

You might also like to know that all of the wind farms proposed by this particular renewables company are called “community wind farms” according to their website, but not everybody likes the idea of a private company (making plenty of private profit) calling its wind farms “community wind farms”, when they are not planned, owned or managed by communities at all. The good folk of Davidstow in North Cornwall (also targeted by Community Windpower ltd.) have issued the following disclaimer:

“DAVIDSTOW COMMUNITY WINDFARM” – PLEASE NOTE DAVIDSTOW COMMUNITY WINDFARMS is not a local community project. It is run solely by Community Windpower Ltd, a profit-making business. The ‘project’ has no connection with any group or individual in Davidstow.

See the Davidstow disclaimer here.

Community Windpower ltd. is registered at Godscroft House, Godscroft Lane Frodsham, Warrington, Cheshire, WA6 6XU. It has two directors: Mr Roderick Michael Haydn Wood, and Mrs Diane Ailsa Wood.

One further thing: the turbines proposed on Knockower hill are in the landscape “Character Type 21: Rugged Granite Uplands” according to the Dumfries and Galloway Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study (p. 155). The report states: “The landscape of the
Rugged Granite Uplands has an overall High sensitivity to larger typologies of wind farm
development. This landscape type is highly visible and well used for recreation. It would have a High visual sensitivity to larger development typologies. The presence of a Regional Scenic Area, a Wildland Search Area and the Galloway Forest Park increases sensitivity to larger typologies to High in terms of landscape values.” It concludes that “There is no scope for larger typologies and the small-medium typology to be sited within this character type without incurring significant impacts on a number of key characteristics.” Well, we couldn’t put it better. You can download the D&G Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study here.

1 thought on “Knockower wind farm, contd.

  1. Why do they persist in quoting distances in kilometers when road signs in this country are in miles? Is it to try and deceive people who are having these monstrosities on their doorsteps into thinking they are actually further away? Stick them out in the sea if they are so necessary but stop blighting the beautiful Galloway countryside, my countryside.

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