Dersalloch Images

Better late than never. It took some time to track down some digital images of the Dersalloch viewpoints. Here are some PDFs of the original “official” views from the Scottish Power Renewables Environmental Assessment (as of 2012), and below, there are some extra jpgs of views which weren’t included but should have been. The view over Loch Doon from the A713 was only supplied by SPR as a wireframe.

Viewpoint 08 Gass 6.17
Viewpoint 08 NE Gass 6.17
Viewpoint 07 Patna 6.16
Viewpoint 03 Craigengillan 6.12
Viewpoint 09 Blairquhan 6.18
Viewpoint 12 Tairlaw Toll 6.21
Viewpont 04 Dalcairney Path 6.13
Viewpoint 02 Loch Doon 6.11


Note on the Alitzourie viewpoint: (not used by SPR) – from the Kirkmichael to Straiton Road – where it emerges from trees just above Altizourie and from where you see the whole of the Monument Hill, the upper Girvan valley, Bennan Hill, and the woods and fields of the Blairquhan estate, with Blairquhan castle also visible through the trees.

Note on the Bennan Hill viewpoint: (not used by SPR) The view from Bennan hill has been admired for centuries. In 1845, the minister at Straiton wrote; “Craigengower, or hill of the goats, rises immediately behind the manse, to the height of 1300 feet. Bennan hill, half a mile south of the village, on which a small obelisk was built about fifty years ago is about 1150 feet high. From both these hills, there are fine views of Ayrshire, the Firth of Clyde, Arran, and part of the coast of Ireland.” [from Second Statistical Account of Scotland 1845, The Rev Robert Paton, Minister, Parish of Straiton.]

Note on the wireframe: shows the turbines that would be visible from the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory.

Note on the uncaptioned jpgs taken from deep in the Galloway Forest (the Loch Enoch hills): these are from Jez Turner, who writes : “Have you realised that Big Hill of Glenmount is visible from the sylvan White Lochan of Drighorn, deep in Galloway Forest Park between Curleywee and Millfore?” And so of course, would the turbines of Dersalloch and Glenmount wind farms.

Apologies for the late posting. A lot of work is going on in a very short time! Don’t forget the deadline of the 28th, and feel free to send the link to this page to concerned friends and relatives!

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