Keirs Hill and Glenmount Updates

As you may be aware, SSfS received an extension for the Keirs Hill representation (well there was a lot to say about it!). This ensured that there was plenty of time to enlist the help of Landscape consultant Mark Steele, as well as pull our own objection together. These were submitted to the ECDU on Friday (7th Feb), and the documents are now available online for you to view.  We have also included the submission from VisitStraiton, which we hope you’ll agree makes good reading!

Unfortunately Glenmount is in full flow, so no time to dwell  on Keirs Hill.  Developers RWE npower have already been giving us a bit of a headache, and that’s before their 36,000 vehicle journeys get near us!  Both the Community Council and SSfS, following a lot of concern from local residents asked for a public meeting to be held so people could raise their own issues and hear what they had to say.  RWE responded to this by selectively inviting some residents to an ‘appointment only’ discussion on Friday 14th February.  This is far from ideal given most people on the route would have been unaware about the invitation.  If anyone would still like to try to get an appointment, RWE can be contacted on 0845 717700 or emailed 

Failing that, however RWE have now agreed to hold a further drop in session in the McCandlish Hall on Tuesday 18 February between 4pm and 7pm (they really don’t want people to turn up at the same time do they?!).  It is imperative that anybody to has concerns or questions about the proposal to try and make it along to the drop in session and make sure you get all the answers you are looking for.  RWE have provided  a traffic management plan which has some basic information so please have a look prior to going along just to give you a feel for what they are proposing.

With over 36,000 vehicle journeys passing through Kirkmichael and Straiton over a  20 month timeframe, including  thousands of HGV vehicles and abnormal loads with police escorts, You may well be very concerned about delays, parking, vibration damage to properties, emergency access, not to mention the roadworks  that will take place prior to the construction traffic in order to upgrade the route so it can handle these vehicles. How do they propose this traffic will be co-ordinated with Linfairn (40,000 journeys via Crosshill) and Dersallach (a similar number via Kirkmichael)? Whatever your concern, please turn up and make sure your voice is heard and your questions are answered.

2 thoughts on “Keirs Hill and Glenmount Updates

  1. Taliking about traffic movements, come that Dalrymple has a fixed 20mph limit throughout the village and Straiton and Kirkmichael doesn’t?
    We are in a commercial logging area here and I would have thought that it would be more important here to have a reduced limit due to environmental concerns and potential property and road damage.
    If this is recognised as important for Straiton, Crosshill and Kirkmichael, then it would be a reason for any other heavy traffic to be restricted or possibly not allowed.

    • Hi Steve, East Ayrshire may have a different policy than South Ayrshire as quite a few of their towns and villages seem to have stricter speed limits. I know many people in Dalrymple struggle with the speed bumps as agricultural vehicles and lorries clatter over them causing quite a racket – especially when the trailers are empty, so careful what you wish for! It might be worth having a chat with the council though to see what their view is.

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