Over 3,000 said NO to Keirs Hill

Bill Steven, Chair of Save Straiton for Scotland, delivered another devastating blow for the developers circling Straiton and the surrounding villages.

RES UK have received a major rejection for their shocking 149m high turbines at Keirs Hill, over 3,000 objections were delivered to the Energy Consents Unit in Glasgow as Save Straiton for Scotland and our friends at Craigengillan combined our efforts to highlight the ludicrous 149m high turbine application from RES.
Bill Steven said “this is a total rejection from the people of Ayrshire who are horrified by this wind farm application. We have to stop this total destruction of our Ayrshire landscape and developers have to take responsibility and stop submitting such damaging, outrageous, mis-placed applications that totally ignore local communities and Scottish planning guidelines.
At a recent public meeting in Straiton the audience were truly taken aback by the size and scale of the Keirs Hill application. People asked “How on earth can a developer show any concern for individual homes and communities when they think 149m high turbines so close to homes is acceptable?
 Save Straiton for Scotland would echo this. The turbines are too high, too close and too many. We are delighted that over 3,000 people agreed and took the time to object to Keirs Hill wind farm.
Bill added “South Ayrshire Council have also submitted their objection to Keirs Hill and we can only hope that common sense will now prevail. It would be hard to find such an outrageous wind farm application that dominates the skyline, communities and individual homes the way Keirs Hill wind farm does. 149m high turbines are totally unacceptable and we are determined to highlight the shocking impact this application has.”

8 thoughts on “Over 3,000 said NO to Keirs Hill

  1. It is about time this Scottish government started to listen to the ordinary peoples concerns about there bullish way they overturn planning decisions.
    My area Wigtownshire has become a Forrest of Turbines.
    When planning permission is refused the Scottish government overturn’s the refusal.
    Its time Alex Salmond and his cronies should be made aware of the ordinary peoples concerns are.

  2. I’m glad that SAC have filed an objection too. Just hope that EAC do likewise. It’s about time that the councils supported the folk they claim to represent.

  3. I’ve been educating people I know about the adverse effects of these wind factories, and they have been truly shocked. Where else would businesses be allowed to build “industrial estates” of this scale all over the beautiful countryside of Scotland? Alex Salmond you need to start hearing the message of the people you claim to represent.

  4. Lets all keep our fingers crossed, and hope Salmond will see that this part of Scotland will not bend to his will. By letting these useless Wind Farms being built at the cost of our Scottish Landscape.

    • I agree A.Salmond should listen to the public concerns about the way he forces through planning applications from these fat cat wind farm companies.
      Wigtownshire is blighted by these unsightly turbines and if they get there way there will be a lot more.

  5. It is high time that some consideration be given to the restoration and regeneration of the Ayrshire countryside which has been polluted over many years by coal mines, surface mines, iron works and brick works. Surely some less conspicuous means of power generation can be found

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