Keirs Hill Planning Submission

Dear Supporters,

Just in time for Christmas – RES UK have prepared a little festive treat for you to digest with your turkey and Christmas Pudding this year!  The Keirs Hill windfarm application has now been submitted to the Energy Consents Unit and as you can see from the pictures it may take a bit of swallowing.

keirs hill monument

Keirs Hill Windfarm as seen from Craigengower Monument

RES have been careful and measured in their activities following responses to the initial scoping report which was produced in 2011.  They have been communicating regularly with SSfS and we have all been aware for some time that the initial plans for 33 turbines  with a height to tip of 125 m spanning South and East Ayrshire Council, was reduced to 17 turbines but with an increased maximum tip height of 149 m, and ‘conveniently’ now just residing within the East Ayrshire Council boundary.

Unfortunately the height, number and proximity of these turbines (the tallest to be found in any onshore windfarm in the UK), paint a very bleak picture for our village as they are only some 3 km away, yet brutally dominate the picturesque setting which we are fighting so hard to protect. Focusing mainly on East Ayrshire, the Environmental Statement gives very little consideration to the village of Straiton and surrounding areas, its unique unspoilt setting, and the thousands of tourists who come here every year.

Keirs Hill no writing

Keirs Hill Windfarm from the Dyke Road, just outside of Straiton

SSfS however are planning to respond to this application with the same message that we have given to the last three applications that have landed on our doorstep.  This is NOT an appropriate setting for any windfarm, yet alone one of this size and scale.  We hope our supporters will again join us in echoing this message.  You should all be familiar with the routine; the planning documentation will be provided for you to look at, a ‘how to object’ page will be prepared and we will provide postcards and templates for people to fill in.  We have until the 24th January 2014 to respond to this application, so please make sure if you are visiting, or have family and friends with you over the holiday period that they also have the opportunity to make a considered objection to this proposal.

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for further posts with more details on the planning submission itself and how to object.

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