Coming soon to a beautiful river valley near you …

Well folks, at last, our investment bank led developers, Willowind, have finally confirmed through the Carrick Gazette that they will be submitting their Linfairn Windfarm planning documents to the Scottish Government, Energy Consents Unit this Friday (27th September). The full article can be viewed here.

It has been a busy 8 months for them, sorting out their ‘single site’ access route, and liaising closely with the local community in order to revise the plans (which still appear to contain the 25 turbines cited in their initial scoping documents). Martin Davie from the  Willowind project team commented on how it is ‘…especially pleasing to have had such active involvement from local people in getting the plans to the application stage – we’ve gone to great lengths to respond to the issues raised with us about this development, and have included a number of measures in our application which we believe fully address them.’  At SSfS we very much look forward to seeing the revised plans and preparing our responses to these.

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for further posts regarding next steps. As per the presentation last week, we will be preparing letters and templates to help people with their objections. The final objection date is the 11th November 2013.  Planning application documents will be available for public viewing at South Ayrshire Council planning office and Maybole Library.

Please also feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have been party to any of the mystery communications with Willowind that have addressed your concerns, and that you would like us to consider when preparing our own submissions.

1 thought on “Coming soon to a beautiful river valley near you …

  1. The major justification offered for the construction of windmills is that the reduce our co2 emissions, other than that they are essentially chocolate fireguards. The proposition put is that the sun’s rays heat the co2 and this increases the ambient temperature which affects the ocean by increasing the rate of evaporation and storing additional heat in the ocean. All that is balderdash. The ocean’s surface tension means that physical heat is rejected by the surface and only the sun’s radiation penetrates. Try heating the surface of water with a heat gun.

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