From our friends in the south

Our friends in the south

Over the last few months support for the campaign to protect this beautiful part of the country from inappropriate development has come from far and wide. Here is an extract from a letter from Andrew Poole and family from Liverpool who were visiting the Galloway Forest Park and Straiton.
“After experiencing not only the village itself, but the surrounding environment and wild countryside, and then learning about the possible coming destruction and negative impact on the area, how could we not support the campaign? Though only a few, we readily signed the petition that was available within The Buck teashop.
Upon our arrival home to Liverpool, even after a wonderful week of camping with many stories to share, it was the people of Straiton and your current situation that we spoke about the most. Not only was the destruction of the natural environment, or the possible negative impact on the local economy, a concern for those that we had informed, but also the total disregard for Straiton’s personal freedom to enjoy your homes, land and environment the way you see fit. This issue alone was enough to spur even supporters of wind farming on to support your cause.”
Enclosed with the letter was a further 51 signatures on our petition which the Poole family had gathered upon their return.

1 thought on “From our friends in the south

  1. Fantastic, that’s exactly what we need, the TRUE responses of people visiting the area, so that the local authority and/or Scottish Government can see that wind farms WILL have a detrimental impact on the enjoyment of tourists to Scotland. My own family hails from Devon and they have said that they would avoid as a holiday destination those scenic areas of the UK overrun with wind farms and, having visited us often in Straiton, are appalled at what is happening to Scotland in general, but in particular the proposed overdevelopment of Straiton and its valley with wind turbines. Time to start listening, Alex Salmond.

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