Loch Bradan turbine: Object Now!

Source: neo-environmental.co.uk 13/00626/APP Photomontage 3

Source: neo-environmental.co.uk
13/00626/APP Photomontage 3

As you are aware a ‘surprise’ single turbine application sneaked into South Ayrshire Councils planning process last month. This was the application (13/00626/APP)  from Scottish Water to erect a 101.5m turbine at the edge of Loch Bradan, and as you can see from this picture it’s not trivial!
We agreed as a committee that we would like to fight this proposal from both a personal perspective, and from the SSfS perspective in order to protect this truly unique area, and to avoid setting a precedent for other turbines and windfarm developments around Straiton.  It was also agreed not to use our supporters funds to do this – saving that for our larger applications.  Given the  knowledge that has been built on the planning process combined with the wealth of expertise that exists within the community about the area where the turbine is being proposed, we have been able to get our heads together and prepare some information on ‘how to object and draw your attention to some valid objection topics.  Please spare some time to support us .    Below are a couple of pointers to help you on your way:
  • Timescales:  as soon as possible – there is no specific deadline for objections, but it is likely to be decided around the end of July, at which time objections will no longer be accepted.
  • One objection per individual in each household and if you have friends or family who understand what is at stake here, it would be great to encourage them to support us too.
  • If you don’t know where to start or have any questions at all – just contact us and  we will be more than happy to help.
  • We understand some people do not have access to a computer and / or simply don’t have time to write a letter so look out for addressed leaflets that we will be distributing in the local area as well as having some in The Buck cafe for people to sign. 

Thank you all once again for your continued support and  Happy Objecting!

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