Objections to the Loch Bradan wind turbine

Source: neo-environmental.co.uk 13/00626/APP Photomontage 3

Source: neo-environmental.co.uk
13/00626/APP Photomontage 3

Please be aware the Save Straiton committee are preparing a ‘how to object’ page for anyone who wishes to raise concerns about  the proposed wind turbine at Loch Bradan, but may be unsure about how to go about it. This turbine is 101m to blade tip  as mentioned in a previous post  and has been described by the developers as “intentionally sited down along by the lochs shoreline..to reduce its prominence in the landscape”.  

The location is only 1 mile away from the Glenmount site, so there is a real concern that this would set a precedent for large scale wind farms and further inappropriate developments in this area.  The committee will not be using funds raised by the campaign to fight this development, but will be on hand to help out and provide information and advice to anyone who wishes to object.  Please watch this space for further information which should be available in the next couple of days.

To view details of the application, which includes photomontages, landscape and visual impact assessments, ecology and ornithology reports  please click here.

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