A Sense of Scale

Whitelee Wind Farm, 09/06/13, © J MeuliIt’s very hard to get a sense of how big the wind turbines around Straiton might be. I have uploaded to the Gallery page a series of photographs from Whitelee wind farm taken on a sunny day just a week ago. They show people, dogs (and birds) in relation to the Whitelee turbines. The Whitelee turbines now count as babies amongst wind turbines: those in this series of Whitelee photos are 110m high. Most of the turbines proposed around Straiton are around 125m, with a group (those at Keirs Hill) at 150m.

Whitelee wind farm is well worth a visit, as others have already pointed out on this website (see the opinion page): and as they have said, the extensive Fenwick moors on which Whitelee is situated have a completely different landscape quality from the variegated hills and valleys which surround Straiton.

1 thought on “A Sense of Scale

  1. Thank you Jonathan. But nobody has ever mentioned the thousands of tonnes of cement that they put into the ground and which is out of sight. This is as a foundation and to support the turbines from falling over and will never be removed from the ground. Not even after they have finished with the Wind farms.

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