Straiton’s View: 92.5% oppose Wind Farm proposals

Straiton from Dyke roadDuring May 2013, we asked for the opinion of all residents of the Parish of Straiton aged 16 and over about the five wind farms which are planned near the village.

163 people returned the form

These are the results:

Question 1:

1 Support all five wind farms



2 Oppose all five wind farms



3 Support some wind farms and object to others



4 Don’t know



(percentages to the nearest 0.5%)

Question 2 (for those who chose option 3 above):
This option was chosen by 2 respondents: both were in support of Glenmount, were opposed to Linfairn and Knockskae and were neutral on Keirs Hill and Dersalloch.

Note on the poll: As far as we are aware, everyone in the Straiton parish aged 16 and over received an opinion poll form, on which they were given the opportunity to express support or opposition or neutrality towards all five wind farms, either as a whole, or individually. Forms were hand-numbered to avoid duplication but were completely anonymous. The forms were delivered to all houses, including stakeholders in the proposed wind farms. Three households declined to accept the forms. The count was made by two community councillors. 272 individual forms were delivered. The return was 60%. The original form can be downloaded and viewed here.

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