Hadyard Hill “nightmare”

A recent article in the Telegraph highlighted the plight of Kay and John Siddell who live near Old Dailly. They enjoyed 18 years in their retirement cottage before the wind farm was built and since then their lives have been blighted by light flicker and intolerable noise. Click here to read the full article.

1 thought on “Hadyard Hill “nightmare”

  1. What is needed is an immediate national moratorium on further wind-farm construction pending the findings of a public enquiry. Public forums like the Helensburgh Debate merely add to the confusion as they merely produce more opinions, mixed with few facts and much bias e.g. what else would you expect the head of the Green Party to argue? If it can be manifestly demonstrated that wind-farms are cost-effective to install and operate, efficient at power production and environmentally more beneficial than other conventional options, then only at that point can the real debate begin. And the real debate is whether we want them adorning / blighting the landscape or not – and how residents like the Siddells are to be properly compensated for the intolerable plight they are subjected to. Already, the legacy of such unrestrained pollution of our countryside on such unsound arguments is a national shame. We need facts. We need a Public Enquiry. Then, and only then, can we fairly debate the options.

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