Telegraph announces new Government policy


Photo by Chris Watt

Local communities should be able to decide whether or not they have a wind farm built in their area under this new policy. At present it would seem that these new planning proposals apply only to England and Wales. Hopefully Scotland will introduce a similar policy. Read the full article here.

1 thought on “Telegraph announces new Government policy

  1. At last commonsense is prevailing in England and Wales at least, and may Scotland soon follow. However, there is still a hint of “bribery” in the paragraph “The Energy Department says that a community agreeing to a modest wind farm could see their power bills fall by an average of £400 per household.” I for one would require significant proof about the figures before I would believe that, as well as clarification of the term “modest” in this context – does that mean fewer turbines and/or smaller ones? (For the record I wouldn’t support a modest wind farm either at Straiton, given what we now know about their performance as an energy source).
    I see also that the powers that be are still using the ‘same old same old’ of “….an important sector that is driving economic growth, supporting thousands of new jobs and providing a significant share of our electricity …………”
    They really need to change the record!!!

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