Knockskae website updated

Knockskae website updated

Since the previous post about Knockskae and the link to a web page which did not exist. PNE Wind have rectified the problem and the link now works. The turbine location map still does not show the proposed access or tracks between turbines nor any ancillary buildings which might be required.
This beautiful shot was taken by local artist and photographer, Charlie Craig, and shows Back Fell and Knockskae Hill.

3 thoughts on “Knockskae website updated

  1. Succeeded in access through googling pne wind, then just followed through projects. The meeting minutes referred to in the newsletter are not yet available. The site states that these will be available when agreed by all.
    Reading the newsletter it would seem that the Community Liaison Group has been in existence for a while. “The Group meets regularly at Willie Wastles Inn in Crosshill; to find your representatives and to read the meeting minutes please visit” Can anyone confirm that the group exists?

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